Niigata Swivel Joint

Swivel Joint Built To Last

Long Lasting With Secure Sealing

Niigata swivel joint

Swivel joints, also known as rotary joints or swivel couplings, are mechanical devices that allow rotation between two connected parts while transmitting fluid, air, or gas between them.

Due to its rotational nature, the swivel joint must be designed to be durable, leak and corrosion while providing smooth and effortless rotation.

Niigata swivel joint is engineered for durability and long lasting.

Niigata Swivel Joint

Designed For The Most Demanding Applications

Niigata swivel joint

Roof Drainage For Floating Roof Tanks

Niigata swivel joint in roof drainage application

A reliable roof drainage system is essential for maintaining the structural integrity, operational efficiency, and safety of floating roof tanks, as well as for minimizing environmental impact.

Niigata swivel joints have been used in the roof drainage system for thousand of tanks around the world and in Japan close to 100% tanks installed with Niigata swivel joints. Records show that the system last more than 30 years without any leaking incidents. Niigata draining system design allows stable positioning of the drainage assembly without interfering with the floating roof legs especially when the tank is empty. As a result, no possibility of mechanical damage of the drain system and no abrasion of the tank floor like hose drains would.

Floating Suction Units

Niigata swivel joint in floating suction unit

A floating suction unit (FSU) is a device used in various industries, particularly in oil and gas, to extract liquids from storage tanks or reservoirs. It’s designed to draw the liquid from the surface, which ensures that only the cleanest portion of the liquid is removed, while avoiding any settled sediment or contaminants at the bottom of the tank.

A swivel joint in a floating suction unit serves a critical purpose. It allows for flexibility and movement of the suction hose or pipe, accommodating changes in the fluid level and preventing damage to the hose or piping system.

Niigata Swivel Joint

Features & Benefits

Symmetric Structure

Niigata swivel joint roof drainage structure

Symmetric  structure is ideal for stress dispersion on swivel joint. It also able to reduce the impact of unpredictable pontoon movement and/or flow cause by mixer

Double Seals

Niigata swivel joint double seals

Double seals offer enhanced reliability, safety, and environmental protection compared to single seals, making them a preferred choice for critical applications in various industries.

X-Ring Seals

Niigata swivel joint x-ring

X-rings offer superior sealing performance, reduced friction, and better resistance to extrusion and rolling are required, especially in dynamic and high-pressure environments.

Special Packing

Niigata swivel joint metal packing

Special Packing Structure provides a reliable seal and longer life. Trapezoidal Cross-Section prevents leakage due to twisting. Outer Ring prevents the packing from protruding into the joint and damaging the seal.

Stainless Steel Cladding

Niigata swivel joint ss cladding

Stainless steel cladding offers a combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance.

Flame Hardening Treatment

Niigata swivel joint flame hardening treatment

Flame hardening treatment to provide extra strength at critical area such as the ball race track.