Consequences of Contaminated Oil: Reduced Performance and Efficiency

Oil contamination significantly degrades machine performance by impairing lubrication efficiency, accelerating wear and tear, increasing the risk of failures and downtime, compromising functionality and accuracy, and posing safety risks.

Contaminated oil loses its ability to provide effective lubrication, which is vital for reducing friction and heat within the machine. As contaminants accumulate in the oil, they form a gritty mixture that cannot properly coat machine parts. This lack of lubrication increases friction between moving parts, causing them to heat up and wear out faster. Reduced lubrication quality also leads to increased heat generation within the machine, which can further accelerate oil breakdown and the formation of harmful contaminants.

To maintain optimal machine performance and efficiency, it is essential to keep oil cleanliness level as high as possible using effective filtration and monitor oil condition. Additionally, using high-quality oil and ensuring optimal maintenance practices can help minimise the risk of oil contamination and its detrimental effects on machine performance.