Tan Delta Oil Condition Monitoring

Oil Condition Monitoring Made Simple

Cut Down Oil Changes and Lab Testing

By monitoring the condition of the oil, the optimal timing for an oil change can be determined, allowing for extended intervals between oil changes.

Frequent lab testing may not be the best solution as it is costly and time-consuming. Real-time monitoring solutions with advanced sensors provide immediate oil quality data, enabling timely interventions and reducing lab tests. This saves time and money, enhances predictive maintenance, and extends the life of both oil and machinery. Additionally, it minimizes sampling errors and delays, ensuring smoother and more cost-effective machinery operation.

Tan Delta Oil Condition Sensor

Precise Monitoring Of Minute Oil Changes

Tan Delta FSH™ core technology continuously analyzes oil at the molecular level, detecting minute changes from contamination, wear, and internal issues before any other technology. Intelligent analytics interpret this data, providing clear maintenance status reports.

Early detection of minor issues through slight oil condition changes helps prevent major breakdowns and optimizes maintenance timing, safely extending service intervals. Tan Delta sensors are easy to install on existing equipment and connect to existing networks or our dedicated displays. The oil status is summarized with a TDN number and rate of change, enabling accurate maintenance predictions.

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Tan Delta  Sensor

For Most Applications

Tan Delta Oil Condition Sensor

Tan Delta Sensor HAZ

Applications For Hazardous Area

Tan Delta Oil Condition Sensor Hazardous Version

Tan Delta Display Express

Data Display And Logging

Tan Delta Oil Condition Display Unit

Tan Delta Mobile Oil Tester

Portable Unit

Tan Delta Oil Condition Sensor Mobile Unit

Benefits Of Tan Delta Oil Condition Sensors

Three Main Uses

Sensor Validate Event


Event Identification & Validation

Accurately identify when an oil change was undertaken or when the oil was topped up, freshened or sweetened. Determine whether the oil change was done correctly and if the correct replacement oil was used.

Sensor Optimize Maintenance


Maintenance Optimisation

Optimize maintenance schedules according to equipment need. Accurately and safely identify optimal maintenance schedules for equipment enable more efficient advanced planning, increased intervals, reduced cost, and reduced equipment down time.

Sensor Detect Faults

Advanced Fault Detection

Tan Delta will immediately detect and alert you to the first signs of a potential issue which could cause damage or catastrophic failure. This advanced fault detection capability enables targeted strategic intervention. It reduces breakdowns and increases equipment life.

Why Tan Delta Oil Condition Sensors?

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