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The Future Of Oil Maintenance

The future of oil maintenance rest on advanced technologies such as offline filter and oil condition sensor. The technology should be simple and practical to use. It is crucial considering that studies indicate that contaminated oil is responsible for up to 80% of machinery failures.

Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.

What Can We Do For You?

Straightforward Way to Proactive CBM

Maximise reliability by integrating an offline filtration with real-time oil condition monitoring. Smoothly transit from time-based practices to a more cost-effective and reliable condition-based maintenance approach.

By incorporating an offline filter and an oil condition sensor, oil consumption and machinery breakdowns can be reduced by up to 80%.

Offline filter and oil condition monitoring can reduce machine failures

Have You Experienced Any Of These?

Premature Wear

Unexpected Failures

Reduced Performance

High Fuel Consumption

Rising Costs

One Filter And One Sensor Are All You Need!

Keen to embrace condition-based practices but struggling with lab oil analysis? Challenges include time delays, cost, complexity, limited access, sampling errors, and lack of continuous monitoring.

Why not adopting a real-time oil condition monitoring sensor for accurate assessments and use lab analysis only for detailed diagnostics. This approach minimizes delays, errors, complexity, inaccessibility, and cost, while enabling trend analysis.

An offline oil filter enhance reliability, extend oil and component life.

No More Frustration:  Enjoy Peace Of Mind.

Enhanced Reliability
Say goodbye to unexpected breakdowns and costly downtime. 

Cleaner Oil, Longer Life
Maintain optimal oil quality and protect equipment from premature wear and tear.

Cost Savings
Significant savings in time, energy and money as a results of fewer breakdowns and maintenance interventions.

Increased Safety
Abnormalities detected and unnecessary failures and catastrophic damages that threaten both human safety and valuable assets are prevented..

Reduced Environmental Damage
Reduced carbon footprint due to reduced oil consumption.






Diesel Fuels



And More...

Versatile Solutions For Various Applications

Tailored For Wide Range of Applications

Here’s How It Works

Continuously Purify Oil And Monitor Its Conditions

Installs sensor and filter into your machinery.

The filter continuously removes harmful oil contaminants.

The sensor continuously track and analyse oil conditions.

Alert given when oil reaches its end-of-life or when abnormality detected, allowing for timely maintenance and preventing catastrophic failures.

Boost Your Return On Investment

Combining Offline Oil Filtration With Real-Time Oil Condition Monitoring

By implementing offline oil filtration and real-time oil condition monitoring in your plant, the typical investment payback period ranges from a few months to one year. However, some customers have experienced payback periods as short as one day.

Real Results: Customer Testimonials

"After filtration, there is reduction of contamination elements and kinematic viscosity is improved even after running more than manufacturer’s recommended running hours. The fuel consumption 3.75% less than before, the oil changing interval can be extended"
Malaysia Power Plant
"We were initially sceptical about whether we would actually realise the cost savings, but not anymore."
Operation Director
Power Generation
"We have grown to trust Tan Delta equipment to tell us what is really happening inside our equipment."
Reliability Engineer
Food Processing
"We used to perform regular oil changes as part of our maintenance, but now we have not change the oil in most of the equipment since we install the filters almost nine years ago"
Senior Inspector
Refrigerated Vessel
"Quality of oil is better after the filtration and we can keep using the oil rather than change it. Less machine tripping."
Maintenance Superintendent
Malaysian FPSO

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